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Principles of Tort Law 2nd Revised edition

Principles of Tort Law 2nd Revised edition

Paperback by Mulheron, Rachael (Queen Mary University of London)

Principles of Tort Law

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Principles of Tort Law


Presenting the law of tort as a body of principles, this authoritative textbook gives an incisive understanding of the subject. Each tort is carefully structured and examined within a consistent analytical framework that guides students through its preconditions, elements, defences and remedies. Clear summaries and comparisons accompany the detailed exposition, and further support is provided by diagrams and tables which clarify complex aspects of the law. Critical discussion of legal judgments encourages students to develop strong analytical and case-reading skills, whilst key reform proposals and leading cases from other jurisdictions illustrate different potential solutions to conundrums in tort law. Ten additional chapters on more advanced topics can be found online, completing the learning package. This new edition has been updated to take account of important cases, legislative developments and law reform studies since July 2015.


Foreword to the first edition; Preface to the second edition; How to use this book; Table of cases; Table of legislation; List of abbreviations; Notes on mode of citation; 1. The role of modern tort law; Part I. Negligence: 2. Duty I - general principles governing duty of care; 3. Duty II - particular duty scenarios; 4. Duty III - pure economic loss; 5. Duty IV - pure psychiatric injury; 6. Breach I - the standard of care; 7. Breach II - proving negligence; 8. Causation of damage; 9. Remoteness of damage; 10. Defences; 11. Remedies; Part II. Specific Negligence Regimes: 12. Occupiers' liability; 13. Public authority liability; Part III. Other Selected Torts: 14. Trespass to the person; 15. Defamation; 16. Private nuisance; 17. The rule in Rylands vs Fletcher; Part IV. Miscellaneous: 18. Vicarious liability; Index.

2nd Revised edition
Cambridge University Press
1204 pages
Publication Date:
22 Oct 2020

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